We inspect infrastructure with aerial imagery, supporting your intelligence.

About Us

We are Unmanned Air Veterans, a CAA approved drone operator based in the Midlands, but operating nationally across the UK.

Stu & Tom are the founders and Directors of Unmanned Air Veterans Ltd. We are the premier drone operators on the market. We offer various skills, which was learnt while serving in the premier drone Regiment in the world.

Stu’s experience in drones goes back to 1998 when the Army’s innovative drone equipment came into service with the Royal Artillery. Stu has deployed operationally to Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and the USA, in both training and operational roles as a UAV commander.

Tom’s experience with drones was bringing the Phoenix system into service in 1998 and deploying to Iraq in 2003. He has been predominantly within the Logistics sector where he spent time serving within the Royal Artillery’s drone Regiment as a Desert hawk equipment manager deploying to Afghanistan creating a logistics airbridge and servicing Hub that never failed. Tom’s experience in Logistics & Health & Safety across the world, helps make Unmanned Air Veterans such a strong and dynamic team.



We can provide aerial-based videography that can support a variety of bespoke media formats such as TV, Film, Social Media content or website videos.


Public safety, firefighting, search and rescue, industrial inspection.
We can provide aerial-based thermal imagery that can help increase safety, save lives, increase awareness of your environment/facilities.


Transport links, construction site surveys, weather damage report.
We can provide aerial imagery for all of your inspection requirements using both normal and thermal imagery techniques.

Security Support

Our Drone Event Support service allows event organisers to utilise drone support within the running and organisation of their events, including media and security support.

Events & Displays

Using our drone fleet we are able support any event or provide a display of the capabilities that drones can offer.



Here are some examples of recent projects we've been involved with and that also showcase the skills of the our drones and pilots.

Thermal Imaging




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